Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Script all SQL Server jobs and more with SSMS: Object Explorer Details

For years I promptly closed Object Explorer Details when SSMS was launched. Seems this default-launch was changed with SQL 2008, probably due to other DBA’s like me who just wanted it out of the way. Real estate across the horizontal query tabs is in high demand as it is, and especially so if you have anything pinned vertically.

Then one fateful day, while on the hook to script out an epic quantity of jobs, I did some searching. Much to my surprise, Object Explorer Details has a purpose!

To open it in SSMS 2008, click on View \ Object Explorer Details (2005 you seemingly can’t escape it). For an example of how to use it, navigate to your jobs list in Object Explorer and see what you see:

Note that while you can’t select multiple jobs in Object Explorer, you can in the Object Explorer Details window. Select all the jobs you want to script, Right-click \ Script Job As, and you’ve saved yourself a bunch of time. Also you didn’t have to buy a third party tool to get it done. Win!

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