Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Bio

I started (officially) in IT in ‘95. My 1st job was to run a help desk ($6 / hr) for a start-up ISP, who was offering blazing fast 28k/56k dial up internet access. It was difficult walking people through configuring Windows 95 dial up networking, over the phone, so they could connect to the internet, while they weren’t quite sure what the internet was… So that’s one way to learn how to be patient with users!

Site Purpose

DBAs walk a line between Administrator and Developer. As an Administrator, a DBA makes decisions regarding I/O distribution and is often also a SAN Admin, installs software, manages permissions, and often acts as Server Admin as well. As a Developer, the DBA writes complex SQL code, does application design in the form of stored procedures, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS Development, performs unit & QA testing (which is often times the only testing for this sort of development), assesses application usage and performance characteristics, tunes applications, and so on.